2014 (Twenty Fourteen)

churras aeroporto masquerade

I can definitely say 2014 was quite a year. I think it’s safe to say my life should be split between before and after 2014. No, 2014 was not the year I became overdramatic, that happened in 1987.

But yeah, it was that kind of year. I quit my job (voluntarily) to pursue a “bigger dream” (dream is not exactly the word I would describe it today, but I digress). I left the comfort of my parents’ house, the company of my great friends and the lovely weather of my country (again, lovely is not the best word to describe it currently) to move to the US and get my MBA at Georgetown. Yeah, that happened and it’s been 6 months already. That’s just crazy.

It’s been, let’s say, complicated. I’ve never studied that much in my life. I’ve never slept so little and, I think I can say that for sure, I’ve never been so stressed. But also, I’ve never learned so much, I’ve never partied so hard (BSchool students will understand the euphemism here) and I’ve found so many great new friends I can’t even describe properly. Yeah, the “dream” is totally worth it.

The “dream” made me officially a citizen of the world. I’ve met people that came from or visited every single continent (well, I’m still looking for someone that spent some time in sunny and warm Antarctica). Right now, I’m wishing Merry Christmas to people currently in more than 5 different time zones.

The “dream” is forcing me to learn how to handle Fahrenheit and “Feet” and “inches” as measurements. It is also making me learn A LOT about different countries and cultures (especially while we are in bars). However, the “dream” also made me learn that some familiar words have new meanings.

  • Friends: the “gringos” will correct your prepositions and laugh when you forget those simple English words. They’re now rereading this post to find every single error and will post a comment about them later. They will judge you when you choose the same restaurant to have dinner more than once (ok, maybe more than twice). But they will also listen to the (many) mini-meltdowns you will have, and they’ll be the only ones that will fully understand them. They will also make sure you are having THE MOST FUN in class, EVER. They will even make you do “the wave” multiple times during class.
  • Friends: the “originals” will scream at you because you’re not answering their whatsapp messages. They will even get very angry after reading this and realizing the “partying” part of the “dream”. They’ll complain about your Facebook posts in English and, therefore, make you write two versions of this very long post. But they will also come visit, call or skype you, sometimes to have breakfast together (Sunday morning – not a great time of day, but I digress again) and sometimes to actually talk for 1h30 about problems that only them can understand. They will judge the “gringos”, but you’re sure that when they actually meet, you will have a blast together. Oh yeah, you’ll miss them A LOT.
  • Family: your family in the “dream” is composed of the Chinese owner of the supermarket close to home, Google (that’ll help you with very complex things, such as cooking and laundry), the restaurant owners that feed you (when google fails) and, of course, part of the Gringos.
  • Family: your family will always be part of the “dream”. And that’s because you know that without them (and the “originals”), you would NEVER have chased and reached the “dream”. You’ll learn that you HAVE to be grateful every day because they understand that sometimes you just won’t have time to talk, and that’s ok. And you’ll learn that wherever you end up after the dream, home is always home and it will never be replaced. And yes, you’ll miss them a lot.

2014 made me a new person, for sure. But I’m still the same sarcastic, sometimes lazy but always AWESOME (also very modest) friend, son and brother I was before. One thing that changed and I thought it wouldn’t: I love my family and my friends a lot more than before. Both meanings of them, of course. Thank you 2014. Thank you, “dream”. Sometimes you suck, but you also rock.


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